April 29th, 2021

HomeWork 11 — April, 2021

Element 1: Ken, draw, move, and connect depending on placement, motion, and speed to fill and change the space.

Casey Reas Reference: https://reas.com/p4_s/

— Process 4 —
(black and white, silent) computer,
Dimensions variable, Horizontal

Other References:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDYD3JVtOys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBqaA7zRO58 https://thecodingtrain.com/beginners/p5js/7.3-array-of-objects.html https://happycoding.io/tutorials/p5js/arrays


Homework 7 — March 6th, 2021

let screen = 0; → This is to define game state

let y=-20;

let x=200;

let speed = 2;

let score= 0; → works with power

let tummy = 20; → Kims body as she eat

let food; → the objects that appear

Homework 4 February 10, 2021

— Using MouseIsPressed and MouseX and MouseY to trigger a drawing tool

— Using a grid with a nested for loop and gradients with a for loop

— Using MouseIsPressed to create many balls bounce with a for loop

— Using mouseX and mouseY to change a bool

HomeWork 3 February 3, 2021

Code is a new language to me and I feel as if Im guessing most of the time. For a while, my code hadn’t worked properly because I was struggling with the correct layering. The next thing Id do is become comfortable with each function/variable and take them further. My sketch is fairly simply and I completed the minimum of function/variable capability, while I focused on moving horizontally rather than vertically. The most challenging aspect of this assignment was trying to solve a problem that I had no idea as to what was being asked. Code feels unfamiliar and I’d compare it to walking around a pitch-black room looking to the light switch or window.

Kendra Hoyt

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